Celllife: The Deuterium Sulfate Enzyme Solution

Celllife is a powerful plant-based organic enzyme solution that contains 78 ionic trace minerals, 18 amino acids and 35 plant source enzymes. It utilizes deuterium sulfate water-splitting technology to provide high levels of oxygen to the bloodstream significantly reducing oxidative stress (free radicals). Celllife facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients into cells, and eliminates pathogens (bacteria, viruses and toxic compounds) which contributes to overall physical health and performance.
Celllife is synthesized in a cGMP certified facility which is selected by the Clear Direction Naturopathic Institute as the D2SO4 solution for non-multi layer marketing sales channels.
For its formula completely consistent with the original “Cellfood” holding in the laboratory of Santa Paula, California by Ev Storey, Celllife also has an outstanding reading of dis- solved oxygen which has been verified by the Bio Screen Testing Services Inc. (Torrance, California). A formula consistency report was also offered by the Taiwan National Science Council, utilizing their latest NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy technology (Please visit celllife.com form more details). NMR equipments and ingredient identification services are also available in the following national university chemistry laboratories: National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, National Chung Hsing University and National Cheng Kung University. All trials by Celllife clients are welcome to be conducted in the listed laboratories, for consistency and potency.


cGMP藥廠規格充填製成之Celllife為德瑞森莊園自然醫學中心列選為謝爾富滴劑(原Cellfood)在台非傳銷通路之正統D2SO4 製劑,經台灣國科會NMR超導核磁共振光譜成份比對檢驗報告證實其成份與美國加州聖寶拉實驗室由史多瑞(Ev Storey)所持有之原始Cellfood配方成份完全一致。Celllife並具有美國加州BioScreen實驗室所測試出的傑出水中溶氧量檢測報告(詳細內容請點選以下項目瀏覽相關報告)。
設備有NMR超導核磁共振光譜儀之國立大學化學實驗室包括:台大、 交大、興大、成大。使用者可親自將新舊版謝爾富滴劑送至上述之檢測 機構以確認兩者配方成份內容之完整吻合度與更佳的水中溶氧效率。